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Include your church family in prayer as we continue to fight the Evil plaguing our nation in body, mind and spirit.

Note to self:

     If you hear someone on our Safety Team say


do it for your safety. Don’t go to your car.

Church Family News...

Chat with God Alert...

It goes without saying we can best help by praying for our Pastor and Nan. God Bless our church family and watch over all who are in need of prayer. Thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit for Your Guidance. Amen


Good Morning, God, Our Father!

Good morning to MY God, Jesus my Savior and the Holy Ghost who walks with me through the day. I WITNESSED the presence of you Lord. I see the wonders in the world that YOU PROVIDE. Thank you for another day, I pray a blessing for my family, friends and and those I don't know. I asked for Mercy for those who are sick and who are grieving. Comfort those who are seeking you Lord. You are an amazing God, our King and savior. Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ Our Savior. MAY ALL I DO TODAY GLORIFY YOU LORD

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people. Proverbs 14:34

Sending out a big Welcome for those who are new to Cowboy Church of Mohave County.

Arena Events

Every Saturday @ 9:00 a.m.

Come out and practice ropin' Moses - our

Mechanical Dummy 

Weather premitting

***** UPDATE: Podcast & Sunday Bulletin*****

Pastor's Podcast: I Don't Know - June 09, 2024 

Sunday Bulletin: Technical Glitch |Post TBA

Prayed Up - Fessed Up - Well Fed

Our place of Worship is a Barn

A few years back, our Sunday Service was under the open sky. Then we grew a bit and got a tent. And then we grew more and built a barn. Our barn is growin' again. There is always room at our place of worship. We welcome your critters on Sunday too, always got room for them.

No stained glass or fancy trimmings, yet it is a place where you can find a group of caring folks who help and encourage each other ridin' the right trail to a good life. 

Church Family Lookin Out for Our Neighbors

Ask about our Neighborhood Watch Program

Contact Audie Chavira

Monthly Church Calendar

All Events Start Immediately After Sunday Service

(May change due to unscheduled events or weather)

First Sunday of the month:

Second Sunday of the month: 

Chuck Wagon Meal " Best Food West of the Pecos"

Third Sunday of the month:

Dinner on the Ground

Let Deb know the type of dish you are bringing: 308-383-1848.

Last Sunday of the month:  Lord's Supper

NOTE: As needed, updates posted here.

Coffee and fellowship hour @ 9 am

Sunday Service @10 am          

Every Thursday Night @ 5:30 p.m. : 

Band Rehearsal for Sunday Service.  If you want to play at Sunday Service come to rehearsal every Thursday.

Fifth Friday Fling | June 31

Arizona Thunder Band!

August 30

Dinner & Dance!

Adults $10.00 | Children $5.00.

Dinner & Dance starts @ 5pm. 

TBA Messages:

Due to irregular scheduling, Membership class and Baptisms are listed in this area. Thank you for your patience.