Along the Way...

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About Cowboy Church of Mohave County

I would guess that there are a lot of folks that's never heard of "Cowboy Church" before, but most cowboys that rodeo know a little about cowboy church. Most rodeos, ropin's, buckouts, etc, have some ministry there to pray for those folks and to be available to answer any questions someone might have about getting along with God or life in general.

There is a group of folks in our society that just aren't comfortable in a lot of traditional churches. There is always the problem of what do I do with my hat. Churches don't have hat racks and if you wear it in most churches, folks look at you like you stink. I'm just not goin' to put my hat on the floor to be some slicker's rug! So, in "cowboy church" you just wear your hat, it's okay.

We like country music, southern gospel music, and bluegrass music. We can take songs like Folsom Prison Blues and "save" it by changin' a few words to give us a gospel message, and like it. We can make old traditional hymns swing with a good country beat. Folks that like music like this are "cowboys" too as far as we are concerned.

We don't care how you dress as long as your "stuff" is properly covered. Some hands might be comin' in right from the cow pens, others from a hard days work, others from whatever they are doin', we don't judge folks, we just want you to come to "Cowboy Church" and feel comfortable and at home.

Kids are always welcome and they don't bother us at all. Sooner or later we'll get'em penned where they are happy. We usually have good stuff to eat, that's important. We like to visit and be friendly. We don't pass the hat so no one feels put upon. We have lots of stuff to do for horse people, too! You name, we'll try it.

Why do we have "Cowboy Church?" It is for folks that just don't fit anywhere else comfortably. If you like our western heritage and country culture, want straight talk and honest relationships, you might just like a cowboy church. There might just be one close to you. Come and see, Along The Way..... there may be a Cowboy Church for you.

In Luke 14: 22,23, Jesus told a story about a feast. "There is still room for more.’ 23 So his master said, ‘Go out into the country lanes and behind the hedges and urge anyone you find to come." Cowboy Churches do just that. We minister to folks by doing western heritage activities with cowboy hospitality and acceptance. Y'all come! 

Pastor Roger Gorham

With over 42 years of ministry under our belts, it is such a joy to see the good fruit that has developed here. God gives every one of us talents and the Holy Spirit grows those talents as living stones to fit together to build HIS Church.

Preachin' the Word 

the cowboy way —

Psalm 136:1

Give thanks to the Lord, 

for He is good.

His love endures forever. 

We welcome critters